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Mission Statement
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  • Ace-Simply the best. ACER is the “solution” you seek for in today’s world.
  • Connection-Where the connections mean something! When you are connected, you have solution….
  • Efficiency-Higher efficiency means higher output. ACER will be the most efficient company in the business.
  • Regenerate-ACER is committed to green energy. After all there is only one world for all!!!
As ACER Group grows with the customers, we are striking to achieve balance with the nature. All the products have eco-friendly idea in mind. For example, wood products are normally made from nature-release timber. The timbers are collected when typhoon or other factors move them down the mountains. We collect them and use them for good purposes. Is this a 100% requirement? No, not in Taiwan! But to us this is a substantable way to preserve Taiwan’s nature beauty. We believe it is our reasonability to leave next generation with a new direction for the future. This direction as you may see, will help us to see a better living environment for the generations to come….