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  • 1985 Klim Industrial, Inc., was established as the main East coast office for ACER Group. ACER brand was launched as part of the company’s celebration. Trading of milling machines and surface grinders started with Taiwan’s office, Formosa Klim International.
  • 1989 Spingwood Industrial, Inc., was incorporated as ACER Group’s Headquarter in Orange, CA.
  • 1991 Springwood Industrial, Inc., moved to current facility at Anaheim, CA. Formosa Klim International entry into manufacturing—the 1st line was the Ultima milling machine.
  • 1992 At IMTS 92’, ACER’s milling machine line is recognized as the premier choice for mill as all displayed mills shown with gold handles and grips.
  • 1993 Formosa Klim International moved to current facility at Seng-Karng Sharng, Taichung County, Taiwan.
  • 1994 Dynamic engine lathe line was introduced to complement the current ACER lines.
  • 1995 www.acergroup.com was registered as the main website. Taiwan Springwood International was established as the manufacturing branch.
  • 1998 1st model with inverter drive mill was produced—E-mill 3VKH.
  • 2000 Bed mill e-1454B was designed and manufactured.
  • 2002 VMC 1724 was produced as ACER’s 1st entry into vertical machining center.
  • 2006 Formosa Klim International was reorganized and renamed as Ya-Gin Machine Tool Manufacturing Inc. So as Taiwan Springwood International, it was renamed as Ya-Wei Machine Tool Manufacturing Inc.
  • 2007 http://www.aceronline.net was designed and registered for online business.
  • 2009 As part of a 25th year celebration, “25” black colored E-mill 3VKH was produced as its commemoration.
  • 2010 Bed mill e-1050B & ATL teach-in lathe series were introduced. http://www.acerlinks.com was registered and would be the online business site for ACER Group in Taiwan. Taiwan factory’s address was changed to Seng-Karng District, Taichung City, Taiwan. ACER introduced gray colored e-Mill to accommodate customers’ need.
  • 2011 Surface grinder-Canned cycle eGrinder 618 & Supra PD series was introduced.
  • 2013 Advanced toolroom mill, model ATM 1054 & ATM 1050, were developed.  They are machines with simple tool change system at affordable price!